Narre Warren
Early Learning Centre

At Narre Warren Early Learning Centre, we support and build upon our children's dreams and imaginations to fulfil their individual potential.


Teach through
Gentle Humour

We believe play is crucial to the development of all children. It encourages children to imagine, explore, experiment, communicate, reflect, cooperate, problem-solve and actively engage in the physical and social environment to promote learning.



Our passionate team of Educators care for our children with love and respect. Each of our Educators personal strengths, and professional experiences are recognised and encouraged

about us

Best care for children

We take great pride in our work and our centre. We put our best foot forward in every aspect of your child's needs. This is why our rooms are themed, decorated and kept in the best conditions.
Playing board
Educational Program

The early years of a child's life have been proven to be the most critical period for children's learning and development.


We provide our children the best food menu, with industry leading preparation standards