Educational Program

Carefully constructed educational program enables growth

We believe play is crucial to the development of all children. It encourages children to imagine, explore, experiment, communicate, reflect, cooperate, problem-solve and actively engage in the physical and social environment to promote learning.

We support and build upon our children's dreams and imaginations to fulfil their individual potential.

We value the use of a balance of both structured and unstructured play for children to develop positive attitudes to learning and exploring, and we place an emphasis on the process of creativity and not the end product.

We value the outdoor environment as a primary need of children's time and space to physically and socially explore nature. We believe in encouraging the children to learn about environmental and conservation to practices with an emphasis placed on wise water usage, recycling to reduce our rubbish, composting, edible gardening and a sense of regard to responsibility for all living things.

We acknowledge that children develop socially and emotionally in the kindergarten year. Through play and adult role-modelling, We aim to provide opportunities for all children to experience a wise range of situations to help them develop self confidence and resilience that will enable them to succeed in their ever changing world.

Tania and Gill are always there to answer any of your questions.